You can now record which craft you used for your paddles. We plan to do a lot more with this in future!

Also fixed a crash bug for iOS 13.1 and older introduced by Apple with a recent Xcode.

Thanks as always,

Dave & Lewis




Dave & Lewis



This update brings a couple of minor changes while we work on bigger things behind the scenes:

Thanks as always,

Dave & Lewis



Following on from our launch into iOS13 this update squashes a few bugs we found in recent days.

We also improved the Paddler in Trouble first run experience.

If you got a new iPhone which you setup from a backup of an old iPhone: please be aware that there is a bug in iOS where the Health permissions can appear to be granted, but actually they aren’t. If you are seeing bugs with tracking please try toggling all health permissions off and on.

If you have any issues at all please don’t hesitate to contact us from within the app.


Dave & Lewis



Happy iOS 13 & watchOS 6 day!

This update brings the latest and greatest features to Paddle Logger:

Thanks as always,

Dave & Lewis



Complications are back!

Also a great bit of news - Paddle Logger has scooped up SUPConnect - Accessory of the Year 2019!!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting Paddle Logger!

Thanks as always,

Dave & Lewis



This release addresses an issue where Paddle Logger didn’t ask new users for permission to track calories and heart rate on Apple Watch, so they didn’t appear.

If you were affected by this issue you can find instructions on how to fix it here: https://paddle-logger-ltd.helpscoutdocs.com/article/34-calories-not-tracking

Thanks as always,

Dave & Lewis



This is tidy up and fix release will probably be our last before iOS 13.

Thanks for your support as always,

Dave & Lewis




New features

Thanks for all your support,

Dave & Lewis



Fixed an issue on Apple Watch where PIT would always show as not available for some users.



The following feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks. We'd love your feedback!

Announcing: Paddle Logger PIT, peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

PIT periodically checks you are ok, and sends an alert - with a map of your location - to your chosen contacts if you don’t respond.

After a quick and simple setup, just start tracking your journey with Paddle Logger and we do the rest.

No extra effort, but all of the benefits of being connected should you get into difficulty.

How Does It Work?

After designating a set period on the water, go paddling!

Still on the water beyond your expected end time? PiT checks you are ok.

If you don’t respond an alert is sent - with a map of your current location and grid references, as well as data about your current battery life - to your chosen contacts.

They will be prompted to check you are ok then, if required, contact the relevant authorities to initiate an efficient rescue.



Fixed a crash bug in the upgrade screen, thanks to everyone for being in touch.



Fixed a bug in the layout of the upgrade screen and updated it to reflect recent policy changes from Apple.





NEW: Check your recent paddle stats from our shiny new Today Widget

FIXED: We accidentally removed a message about how to pause and resume the Watch app, we re-added it back in (our bad!)

FIXED: Squashed a bug around deleting multiple trips, thanks to everyone who reported it



We have a lot of exciting new stuff underway, but in the mean time, here’s a fix for the water lock bug introduced in the last release. Thanks to everyone for being in touch.



Hey everyone! We have been working hard so we haven't put an update out for a while. But what have we been doing you ask? Well aside from planning the next 6 months of features and building those, we have also been working on some improvements of the current Paddle Logger experience.



YOU (Awesome paddler): Hey Siri, can I use you to start a Paddle? SIRI: Absolutely! Once set up simply say, "Hey Siri, Start a Paddle"

In this version we have added Siri compatibility as well as a quick round up of your previous year on the water, something to drive you to get on the water all year round!! Don’t forget you can also join the exclusive Paddle Logger Paddle Club via the Community button under the More tab.

We have also done some bug squashing:

We have been working away on making Paddle Logger better and also on our new major features which are due to be released later this year.



Fixed a bug where subscription dates appear to be ending tomorrow.




We hope everyone saw in the New Year in a suitable fashion! We have been really stoked by the number of new users who have started using Paddle Logger in December, welcome to you all. We have been working hard on a number of bug fixes that popped up over the winter period, thank you to those who got in contact and brought them to our attention!

We are also excited to announce the Paddle Logger Paddle Club, a place where you can interact with the community and share your awesome trips. We will also run challenges and competitions as well! You can find access from within the app.

For Apple Watch users we have added new complications for Series 4, so make sure WatchOS and iOS is up to date and check that out.

We have also: